Insurance “GOTCHA”


You learn something new every day in the insurance business. We have seen insurance companies deny claims because many policyholders did not properly negotiate their policy.  Insurance policies are written BY lawyers FOR lawyers, and let’s face it, most insured’s and insurance agents are not lawyers.

There are hundreds or thousands of options available by way of endorsements to the basic policy that would avoid claim “gotcha’s”, meaning reasons for an insurance claims adjuster to deny a claim. You need to be aware of these “gotcha’s” before you have a loss.


Your claim was denied.  You sued your insurance company, and the court said that you had an obligation to read your policy.

  • What you had last year with another insurance carrier does not count.
  • What you thought was covered does not count.
  • What you hoped was covered does not count.
  • What your agent said was covered does not count.
  • The only thing that counts is the four corners of the insurance policy as set by your endorsements.

For additional examples on common commercial insurance “GOTCHA’S”, watch the video below:

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