Michigan Jaguars Financial Assistance Golf Outing Sponsored by Cambridge

Michigan Jaguars 5th Annual financial Assistance Golf Outing The Michigan Jaguars is an elite soccer organization that focuses on training their players to become quality players while gaining lifelong lessons and experiences.  They are widely viewed as the model for player development throughout the state.  Every year the Michigan Jaguars holds a golf outing to […]

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Insurance “GOTCHA”

 WATCH OUT FOR THE “GOTCHA” You learn something new every day in the insurance business. We have seen insurance companies deny claims because many policyholders did not properly negotiate their policy.  Insurance policies are written BY lawyers FOR lawyers, and let’s face it, most insured’s and insurance agents are not lawyers. There are hundreds or […]

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Liability On The Trails

It’s finally here. Your long anticipated group ride on your bicycle.  You get out your map and review the route, and go over your safety checklist before hitting the road. You’ve got everything you need. The group begins to strap on their helmets, but you can’t stop thinking that you’ve forgotten something.  You know the steps […]

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Does your Employment Practices policy have coverage for Wage & Hour Exposures?

One of the largest employment-related liability exposures in the United States is Wage & Hour risk.  When an employee claims that an employer allegedly failed to pay overtime wages, they can file a Wage & hour claim.  Most of these claims are based on state and federal wage-hour laws that have their own specifications for […]

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our brand new Cambridge website!  We made it user friendly and interactive, with videos, special reports and insurance updates hoping you will get the most out of our expertise.  We are proud to be a leading agency for commercial and personal risk management and are committed to providing the best coverage for your […]

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The #1 Cause of Home Structure Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), “cooking is and has long been the leading cause of home structure fires and civilian home fire injuries.  From 2006-2010, fire departments responded to an estimated average of 8,600 homes and outside fires.  where grills, hibachis or barbecues were the cause.  There was an average of 10 […]

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