Liability On The Trails

It’s finally here. Your long anticipated group ride on your bicycle.  You get out your map and review the route, and go over your safety checklist before hitting the road. You’ve got everything you need. The group begins to strap on their helmets, but you can’t stop thinking that you’ve forgotten something.  You know the steps you’ve taken are sure to protect your safety.  Then it hits you…did I take the steps to make sure I protect my assets?

A cyclist is liable for another cyclists’s injuries, including loss of wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills if they are careless or negligent and crash into another rider.  Worse, what if their negligence causes the entire pack to crash?


Bike on bike crashes are common and can involve any number of factors.  You assume the risk of crashing while racing or riding and it would be your liability insurance that would kick in if it was your fault that the cycles collided.

The medical bills could be millions of dollars if multiple riders were hurt and there would be no way you could financially cover them. Having enough liability coverage is crucial when heading out for your ride.  Check your homeowners and umbrella policies.  Do you have adequate coverage when if by chance that good looking pedestrian gets your attention with a wink and you lock wheels with the cyclist next to you and the whole group goes down?  It may be smart to check.

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