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The Three Deadly Property Sins

Our furnace malfunctioned last week causing smoke damage to our building, machinery and inventory. We already paid our deductible, but now the insurance company is telling us that they will only pay for one- half of the damages. My building burned down last month, but now the insurance company refuses to pay for the fire […]

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What do you know about a proof of loss document?

A recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision illustrates the importance of the timely filing of a sworn proof of loss document with the insurer following a covered property loss. Every commercial property policy and homeowners policy has as a condition that the insured sign and file a sworn statement in proof of loss usually no […]

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Jumping For Joy?…I Think Not!

What child doesn’t enjoy jumping on a trampoline?  I know if my children find out we are going to a house where there is a trampoline, I don’t have to ask them to get in the car, they’ve  already buckled themselves in!  But insurance companies don’t feel the same way.  They consider trampolines to be […]

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Mind the Gap

  If you own property, whether personal or commercial, most likely you have a walkway or sidewalk, and most likely you are not checking the condition daily for cracks or gaps.  If a person trips or falls on your property, you may be faced with a personal injury lawsuit with negligence being the cause of […]

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Liability On The Trails

It’s finally here. Your long anticipated group ride on your bicycle.  You get out your map and review the route, and go over your safety checklist before hitting the road. You’ve got everything you need. The group begins to strap on their helmets, but you can’t stop thinking that you’ve forgotten something.  You know the steps […]

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The #1 Cause of Home Structure Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), “cooking is and has long been the leading cause of home structure fires and civilian home fire injuries.  From 2006-2010, fire departments responded to an estimated average of 8,600 homes and outside fires.  where grills, hibachis or barbecues were the cause.  There was an average of 10 […]

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