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Protective Safeguards Clauses

Protective Safeguard Clauses DO NOT BE FOOLED. THE POLICYHOLDER IS NOT THE ONE BEING PROTECTED BY A “PROTECTIVE SAFEGUARDS PROVISION” AND IT COULD COST YOU MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN UNCOVERED LOSSES. A protective safeguards provision allows the insurance company to deny coverage if certain conditions are not satisfied at the time of loss. For example, […]

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Teenage Driver? Should you title the vehicle in your child’s name?

ISSUES ON OWNING, LEASING OR TITLING A VEHICLE IN YOUR TEENAGE CHILD’S NAME Under Michigan’s Owner Liability Statute1 (the “ownership statute”), the owner of a motor vehicle is automatically liable for any injury caused by the  negligent operation of that motor vehicle. For parents who own vehicles driven by teenage drivers, this statute imposes a […]

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Navy Seals and Insurance

When the Navy Seals got Osama bin Laden, they didn’t succeed because they acquired competence during that event. The Navy Seals succeeded because they trained, practiced, planned, coordinated, and made errors well before the event so that their competence would pay off during the event, not afterward. We all learn lessons from almost every claim […]

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25 Critical Considerations In Business Property Insurance Programs

This Special Report was written by Kenneth R. Hale, J.D., CPCU, AAI, LIC of Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC. Mr. Ken Hale can be contacted at 734-525-2412 or More Special Reports are available at   Over the past 41 years as insurance coverage attorneys, expert witnesses in property insurance claims, and insurance agents, […]

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When it comes to reporting lawsuits or injuries, if you snooze…YOU LOSE!

What do the following have in common? Your receipt of a subpoena and a Complaint in a lawsuit that has been filed against you Your receipt of a letter or a Complaint from the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) A letter from an attorney indicating that a claim has been made by another person against […]

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Congratulations Kelly Sparks, CIC, CISR, AAI, AIS 2015 National Outstanding CSR of the Year Award Finalist!

We are proud to announce that Kelly Sparks, CIC, CISR, AAI, AIS from our Livonia Property & Casualty office has been chosen from a particularly competitive field of applicants as one of the four national finalists for the 2015 National Outstanding CSR of the Year Award! Earlier this year Kelly was also recognized as Michigan’s […]

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Concealment, Misrepresentation and Fraud….Is it ok to stretch the truth?

My 18-year-old son lives in my basement. Last year he was convicted of DUI. Since he won’t be driving my car, do I have to list him on the insurance application? Do I have to disclose to the insurance company that my property is vacant? My daughter just turned 16 years old. She only drives […]

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Marsh & McLennan Agency

Who is filling out your insurance application and is it accurate?

My agent completed an application that was not accurate or complete, and the insurance company denied my claim based on misrepresentation. I never saw the application.  Inaccurate applications can cause a coverage denial later. For example, if you said that the building was 70% occupied and it was actually 70% vacant, you will have […]

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Congratulations to Kelly Sparks! Recognized as Michigan’s 2015 Outstanding CSR of the Year!

Kelly Sparks Recognized as Michigan’s 2015 Outstanding CSR of the Year Livonia, MI June 2, 2015 – Kelly Sparks, Commercial Account Manager with the Michigan P&C office of Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC, was named the 2015 Michigan Association of Insurance Agents and the National Alliance Outstanding CSR of the year. The award was presented […]

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