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Actual lawsuits in Michigan….Don’t let them happen to you!

The purpose of this Special Report is to share some of the real-life liability cases over the last 15 years in Michigan. In fact, there were so many cases that we decided to compile a list of those lawsuits over $1,000,000 in Michigan just to show the extent to which one simple accident could wipe […]

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Property Insurance Seesaw

Depending on the company seeking insurance and the specific type of coverage, the level of involvement by the individuals associated with the placement process can vary greatly. Most would consider each of the individuals involved in the placement process as insurance experts. While each of these individuals is very knowledgeable about the many different aspects […]

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No patience to purchase! GOTCHA!

GOTCHA! “I do not have a great deal of patience with the purchasing of insurance or management of risk. I have never even had a claim.” ƒ    This can result in multiple claim problems. ƒ    The following language should be removed from an insurance buyer’s vocabulary:   o “Just quote what I have now. Email […]

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Critical Considerations for Business Insurance

25 CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN BUSINESS PROPERTY INSURANCE PROGRAMS Over the past 41 years as insurance coverage attorneys, expert witnesses in property insurance claims, and insurance agents, we have been involved in over $100,000,000 of major property claims. As a result, we have learned many lessons, and the purpose of this publication is to relate those […]

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So what’s the problem with having temporary employees?

Problem #1 If a temporary worker is hurt on your premises arising out of your negligence such as failure to maintain your parking lot or to provide safe equipment, the injured worker will be paid loss of wages and medical bills from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier of the temp agency. That insurance carrier could […]

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Am I liable for my child’s actions?

Many clients want to know if they are liable for the acts of their children.  Let’s explain the various exposures related to parental liability as well as the  grounds  on  which  such  claims  can  be brought. Parents can be held liable for the acts of their children based of statutes, common law, or contractual agreements. […]

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