Our Culture

Our team shares a passion for service and our core values are demonstrated every day.

Dave's door is always open for whatever you need.
Judi is hard at work making sure your commercial account is taken care of.
Jenica is here to make sure all of your paperwork is processed in a timely manner.
Dan is always working hard to make sure your policy is bullet proof.
Ken is here to share his knowledge and wisdom of the insurance industry.
Shauna makes sure the staff has a great balance of work & play.
Krista is always working diligently on your commercial account.
You can always count on Kelly to handle your insurance needs.
Molly is working on ways to connect the company to the community.
The Sheriff is always in town :)
Amy supports account renewals helping to keep our clients customers for life.
James ensures you have the proper coverage on your commercial policy.
Michele greets each person that walks in the door with a friendly smile.
Donna will make sure any letter in the mail is nothing but the BEST!
Ken is dedicated to making sure that ALL of our clients have the BEST experience & coverage.
Nancy's smile always brings warmth to the office.
Suzanne makes sure the accounting department has ALL of their 'ducks in a row'.
Dave's smile makes you feel welcomed.
Karen is always on top of the accuracy of financials.
Melanie will never let an insurance policy cross her desk without being double checked.

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