Does your Employment Practices policy have coverage for Wage & Hour Exposures?

One of the largest employment-related liability exposures in the United States is Wage & Hour risk.  When an employee claims that an employer allegedly failed to pay overtime wages, they can file a Wage & hour claim.  Most of these claims are based on state and federal wage-hour laws that have their own specifications for […]

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Is that auto discount worth it?

Automakers offer attractive discounts to employees, vendors, related parties, etc. In order to take advantage of these discounts, the automobile needs to be purchased or leased in a qualifying name. The qualifying person will often allow relatives or others to have the regular use of these vehicles. There are some major disadvantages to allowing your […]

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Critical considerations for businesses

 CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN BUSINESS PROPERTY INSURANCE PROGRAMS Over the past 41 years as insurance coverage attorneys, expert witnesses in property insurance claims, and insurance agents, we have been involved in over $100,000,000 of major property claims. As a result, we have learned many lessons, and the purpose of this publication is to relate those lessons […]

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The Three Deadly Sins of Property Insurance

Our furnace malfunctioned last week causing smoke damage to our building, machinery and inventory. We already paid our deductible, but now the insurance company is telling us that they will only pay for one- half of the damages.  My building burned down last month, but now the insurance company refuses to pay for the fire […]

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Customer Security

Our business is located in a high crime area. Are we obligated to provide security for our customers? If our company hires a security guard service, have we assumed an obligation to provide security to anyone who enters our property? There have been a number of armed robberies in a nearby  parking  lot.  Are  we […]

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Cobra Compliance

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH COBRA COULD SUBJECT AN EMPLOYER TO TAXES AND PENALTIES UP TO $200 PER DAY AND PAYMENT OF THE QUALIFIED BENEFICIARY’S CLAIMS THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED BY INSURANCE The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) provides employees and their dependents who have been covered by one or more employment related […]

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Who is listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy?

EXCLUSION OF DRIVERS UNDER A MICHIGAN AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY Insurance companies often exclude drivers from personal and commercial insurance policies. The insurance companies will typically use an ISO type form indicating the following: We will not be liable for any accidents or losses while the covered auto was driven by:             The problem with this language […]

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Embezzling Employees

Employee theft is the frequent subject of newspaper headlines: “Starbucks accuses employee, husband, of embezzling $3.7 million from firm” In this case, the employee and her husband set up a phony company and charged Starbucks for information technology work that was never performed. “Entech temp implicated in scam on GM executives” A temporary employee took […]

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Do you need an email disclaimer?

  Email has become one of the staples of business and personal communication. Now more than ever, companies are increasingly aware that email and other forms of electronic communication pose a number of significant exposures. In recent years many organizations have fallen victim to lawsuits brought by both their employees and other companies as a […]

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“The 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan” 2014 share their secret to success!

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Employee Dishonesty Claims

  There are a number of common instances where no coverage may be provided under an employee dishonesty coverage form. This Special Report will discuss a few of these instances. You will want to consult with counsel as part of your determination and application of coverages. Most employee dishonesty coverage forms include the following concepts: […]

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